Lawyer Wellbeing

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  • CPD 360.3 - Lawyer Well-being: Tools to Thrive

    Qualifies for .75 CPD hours.
    Recorded 2023-06-02.


    Alanna Carlson. Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission, Saskatoon.

    The most important part of your practice is YOU. Your p...

  • CPD 367 - Mental Health and the Legal Profession

    Recorded 2023-10-04
    Qualifies for 3.5 CPD hours, all of which qualify for Ethics

    Power Point

    Mental Health Resources

  • CPD 103 - Lawyers Mental Health and Addictions (September 24, 2014)

    Qualifies for 1 CPD hour

    Lawyers often struggle in silence with health and addiction issues. Incidence of depression, suicide and substance abuse are far higher among lawyers than the general populatio...

  • CPD 334 - The Keepers of Stories: Vicarious Impacts in Helping Roles

    Recorded 2022-09-14
    Qualifies for 2.0 CPD hours.

    Individuals in helping professions – whether it be health care, counsellors or lawyers – regularly interact with individuals who are there as a result of traumatic experiences. Part of the helper’s role is to listen and respond to these stories,...

  • CPD 325 - Lawyer Well-Being: Concrete Strategies to Thrive in Law

    Qualifies for 1.5 CPD Hours.


    This webinar will explore mental health and wel...

  • CPD 316 - Break the Cycle - Stress and Poor Sleep

    Recorded 2022 Jan 19. Qualifies for 1.5 CPD Hours


  • CPD 307 - Mental Health for Lawyers_Darryl Singer

    Qualifies for 1.0 CPD Hour, all of which qualifies for Ethics. Recorded 2021-10-06.

    Protecting your mental health and the mental health of your colleagues, friends and family is important for every lawyer. Are you able to recognize the symptoms if you, your colleagues or family members are strug...

  • CPD 298 - Bolstering Resilience

    Qualifies for 1.5 CPD Hours.
    Recorded 2021 Apr 27