• CPD 303 - An Introduction to Trauma-Informed Lawyering

    Qualifies for 2.0 CPD hours, all of which qualifies for Ethics.

    Recorded Jun 22, 2021

    Materials: https://www.lawsociety.sk.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Power-Point-Presentation-CPD-303.pdf

    Participants will receive an introduction to identifying trauma in clients and witnesses, strategy cons...

  • CPD 300 - Labour & Employment Update: Subsequent Legal Challenges of COVID-19

    Recorded 2021 May 28.
    Qualifies for 1.0 CPD Hours.

    Materials: https://www.lawsociety.sk.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/Power-Point-Presentation-CPD-301.pdf

    We are now over one year into a pandemic that has fundamentally shifted Saskatchewan workplaces ranging from total shutdown and restricted o...

  • CPD 299 - COVID19 Privacy and Cybersecurity Considerations for Lawyers

    Qualifies for 1.0 CPD Hours, all of which qualifies for Ethics
    Recorded Apr 29, 2021


    In 2020 professionals experienced numerous disruptions as they responded to COVID-19 and swiftly transition...

  • CPD 298 - Bolstering Resilience

    Qualifies for 1.5 CPD Hours.
    Recorded 2021 Apr 27


  • CPD 295 - The Elephant in the Room: Gender Bias in the Legal Profession

    Recorded 2021 Mar 16
    Qualifies for 2 CPD Hours, all of which qualify for Ethics.

    PowerPoint Presentation: https://www.lawsociety.sk.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/PowerPoint-Presentation_CPD-295_Fromm_Mar2021.pdf

    Reading 1: https://www.lawsociety.sk.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/Resou...

  • CPD 294 - Using Technology to Manage a Distributed Workforce

    Recorded 2021-02-24
    Qualifies for 2 CPD Hours, all of which qualifies for Ethics.


    With COVID-19's arrival last year, many office...

  • CPD 292 - Saskatchewan Objections Cheat Sheet

    Qualifies for 1 CPD Hour.
    Recorded Jan 19, 2021


    The ability to quickly object to an improper question at a questioning or trial is an important skill for any litigat...

  • CPD 288 - Plan Well Guide: A tool to support decision-making in serious illness

    Qualifies for 1 CPD Hour
    Recorded 2020-11-26
    Here is the link to the PowerPoint and Paper for this presentation:

  • CPD 287 - (Re)Launching Your Saskatchewan Legal Databases

    Qualifies for 1 CPD Hour
    Recorded 2020-11-24


    You know and love our in-house Saskatchewan legal databases: Cases, Sentencing Digest, Bills, Conduct Review, and Ethic Rulings. Since we la...

  • CPD 265 - Five Steps to Effective Online Negotiations_ Featuring Marty Latz

    Qualifies for 2.5 CPD Hours
    Recorded 2020-11-18 (includes pre-recorded webcast)

    PowerPoint https://www.lawsociety.sk.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Resource-CPD-265-FiveStepsToEffectiveOnlineNegotiations-ProgramBooklet.pdf
    Resource https://www.lawsociety.sk.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/11...

  • CPD 290 - Just Mercy 2.0 Merged-VLC Version

    Qualifies for 2 CPD Hours, all of which qualifies for Ethics
    Recorded 2020 September (as a recorded webinar attendee participation instructions cannot be followed)

  • CPD 283 - Just Mercy 1.0

    Qualifies for 2 CPD Hours, all of which qualifies for Ethics
    Recorded 2020 September (as a recorded webinar attendee participation instructions cannot be followed)

    Just Mercy: Illuminating Bias, Confronting Systemic Racism, and Doing the Hard Work that Needs to be Done

    Just Mercy brings to life...

  • CPD 284 - Fighting Sexism in Negotiations

    Qualifies for 1 CPD Hour, all of which qualifies for Ethics
    (1) https://www.lawsociety.sk.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Resource-CPD-284-LNI-PracticalWaysToFightGenderBiasAndSexismInNegotiations-ProgramBooklet.pdf

    (2) https://www.lawsociety.sk.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Res...

  • CPD 286 - Non-Profit Financial Statements

    Qualifies for 1 CPD Hour.
    Recorded 2020-11-03
    PowerPoint https://www.lawsociety.sk.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/PowerPoint-Presentation-CPD-286-NonProfit-Financial-Statements.pdf

    Hear from an experienced auditor and lawyer on issues specific to financial statements for non-pr...

  • CPD 279 - Working Remotely with Craig Zawada, Q.C.

  • CPD 278 - Business Continuity for Law Offices In Face of Coronavirus

    Qualifies for 2 CPD Hours all of which qualifies for Ethics


    (Recorded on: Mar 25, 2020)

    As the COVID-19 pandemic has illustrated, the ability to operate a law practice withou...

  • CPD 226 - Do I Have To? Mandatory ADR in Family Law Proceedings

    Qualifies for 1 CPD hour
    Recorded Jun 12, 2019


    The Queen’s Bench Act 1998 has been amended to require parties to certain family law applications to participate in dispute resolution...

  • CPD 224 - Indigenous Peoples and Access to Justice

    Qualifies for 1 CPD hour, all of which qualifies for Ethics.
    Recorded May 14, 2019


    In this webinar, participants will be asked to consider access to justice from an...

  • CPD 223 - Financial Statements & Business Valuation Basics

    Qualifies for 1 CPD hour.
    Recorded on: Feb 26, 2019


    Lawyers often look to accounting experts to prepare business valuations. However, as the retention of such expert...

  • CPD 221 - An Introduction to Class Actions

    Qualifies for 1 CPD hour.
    Recorded on: March 12, 2019


    This introductory presentation will include a brief history of class actions in Saskatchewan, how they work and...

  • CPD 220 - SKCA Practice and Procedure

    Qualifies for 1 CPD hour.
    Recorded on: April 11, 2019


    From time to time, counsel may identify a reason to bring a civil or criminal matter before the Court of Appeal for Saskatchewan. H...

  • CPD 219 - Artificial Intelligence: Why it Matters to You and Your Success

    Qualifies for 1 CPD hour, 0.5 of which qualifies for Ethics.
    Recorded on: January 30, 2019


    Everyone is talking about it, but what is the real-world ap...

  • CPD 216 - Gladue Rights and Settler Colonialism in Saskatchewan

    Qualifies for 1 CPD hour, all of which qualifies for Ethics
    Recorded on: Dec 12, 2018


    This webinar will consist of a presentation by Keith Carlson, a professor of history at the University o...

  • CPD 215 - Providing Pro Bono Services in Saskatchewan

    Qualifies for 1 CPD, all of which qualifies for Ethics
    Recorded on: November 22, 2018